A Farewell Device

by A Farewell Device

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released August 14, 2012


Joey – Justin Vanegas
Marcy – Jessica Hartmann
Bridgette – Melody Stone
Tyler – Ryan McClees

All instruments played by Justin Vanegas except:

Conor Bent – Drums
Trevor Enright – Drums ("Truth of Everything")
Maia Wiitala – Upright Bass / BG Vox
Josh Leong – Guitar Solos ("The Pad", "Suburban Nights")
Wolf Navarro – Guitar Solos ("I Hate You", "12:20")
Sin Silver - Piano
Tyler Evans, Tyler Fernandez, Tong Lo – Guest Vocals

All Songs Written by Justin Vanegas
"I Hate You" - Written by Justin Vanegas and Jessica Hartmann
"Suburban Nights" - Written by Justin Vanegas, Mark Staley, Chad Helmonds, Josh Leong, Eduardo Donoso

"A Parting Shot For The Dear and Distant" by This Dying Wish
"Marsha" by Vanegas/Fernandez/Zhang
All Samples Used By Permission

Produced by: Justin Vanegas
Mixed by: Justin Vanegas
Mastered by: Jon Devoto

Pencils by: Carl Evans
Inking by: Tom Evans
Color by: John "Hex" Carter



all rights reserved


A Farewell Device Oakland, California

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Track Name: Welcome To My Story
Sunrise over six-eight-zero.
Another day in Pleasanton.
My name is Joey and I’ll be your hero
For the hour.

So let’s begin.

It all started in summer 2005
Coming home from work a bit early.
Lazily I strolled through the bedroom door
to find the truth about Mary.
On his back on my bed was Charlie.
To say the least, I’m a bit confused.
There on top of Chuck was Mary.
Never leave a drummer in your living room.

Welcome to my story
Of perfect face and boring places
And by the end someone draws aces.
Looking for some glory
In the shadow of America’s dream
Under the reign of the idiot king’s regime.

Sunset over five-eight-zero.
Coming home from four good years.
My degree they can see so clearly,
But no ring so mommy jeers.
Did I really spend all that time away
just to come back as a Mrs.?
Apparently so. Should’ve known.
Time to get some help from old friends.
Track Name: Consequence
She’s from a different world and I’m not quite sure
it’s even safe for me to breathe in the air. The pressure’s just too much and I don’t think I can take it.

But right now I can’t help thinking that
In another on another day I could find the strength to hold her closely by my side.
Then I dream

Let’s just get away
To Hell with all the consequence
To Hell with all our lying friends and then
Maybe we’ll see
That after all the time we spent
That in the end it wasn’t meant to be

Running out of time the minutes marching by
How many times will I be given the chance to take the plunge and possibly come up with a new life?
Black hair flowing by. What is my line?
Why does it feel like I’m the star of my own scene where the perfect couple fades to black in the back seat?

What happened last night? Did I say something right?
We’re too close and exposed but I won’t let this go….
Track Name: Six Months In
Try to say a thousand ways how it’s not easy
And every time I reply with you it’s easy.
To make my way through cold November days
When bills are due and love’s the only thing we’ve saved

Don’t fake it
Embrace it
I feel love in your eyes.
We can break out of this
Fake town
And baby we’ll survive

Six months in and for the first time
I lie not in your arms but turned away in the palest light.
It sounds strange but in some way I’m glad
Cuz now I know if it comes to blows we can make it.

I can’t say I know what’s going to happen but I’ll say tonight
That in this moment I know that I love you…..
Track Name: We Lost Joey
I’m sitting all alone on my parents’ couch.
You’re lying to yourself about your bank account.

My girl is out on long holiday.
Yours is fucking with you in every way

Remember all the times when we got really fuckin’ drunk.
You screamed out “Bros before ho’s” and puked your guts

Whatever happened to that guy back there?
You sure do look like him but with too many cares.

What’s the point of growing up, if your friends get left behind?
What’s the point of growing up, if it can’t be a good time?
The time of your life.

So now it’s all about being mature.
But I think you’re forgetting one thing for sure.

All of those times we were right there for you,
But now you’re pushing us away. (What did we do?)

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for taking care of shit.
I just don’t understand what makes you have to treat your friends like it.
Track Name: The Pad
Friday night at the pad.
Our week fades away as we blast
Our way through a keg of the finest ale….(and we say it’s alright!!!)

No need to put on a fuss
We’re all the same when we’re drunk
The time is here to make a keg-stand….(and we say it’s alright!!!)

Every time you take a hit
We’re here to help you through the shit.
So when you’re out with whats-her-face
Don’t forget the place from whence you came.

Midnight is here and we’re sloshed
Tyler busts out his new bong
And we enjoy the finest herb….(and we say it’s alright)

Let me be the first to say
How could I forget this place
Where I’m ashamed to say
That every fucker…..Here. Knows. My. Name.

Every time you take a hit
We’re here to help you through the shit.
So when you’re out with whats-her-face
Don’t forget the place from whence you came.
And even though it’s been a year
Since you showed your stupid mug ‘round here,
Did you really think that we’d forget
The guy (who still owes me 50 bucks on the Boise St. game!!!)
Track Name: A Simple Lie
Saturday night my girl and I are hot to take the town.
My skirt is tight my eyes are bright and now we’re headin’ out.
In this place I’m still the queen of everything you’d call a scene.
The vinyl rises on the final night of my regime.

Tonight is the time
where all the things I used to be
come back from inside of me. Hold on
tight to the lie
of perfect teeth and magazines
the life that I live my dreams.

Hit the floor they’re begging for more of me.
The beat is hot the strobe is on and I’m the one they need.
I’ve had a night with every single worthwhile toy in here.
Does that explain why suddenly the one I want is into her?

Fuck! How can this be? Roles reversed so suddenly.
A wasted night but in my mind there’s an epiphany.
This life has shown me everything good it has to bear.
And I know a simple lie that I need Joey to hear.
Track Name: I Hate You
The only difference that I see
Between true love and you and me
Is I can’t stand you.

You disappoint me every day
My life’s become an old cliché
But still I cling to you

You’re over-sensitive
You’re callous and you never call
A hypochondriac
Who puts up with an idle slob

I hate you but I love what you do
When we’re between the sheets tried and true
There’s nothing else to do
Nowhere to go and nothing to prove
When I’m here lying next to you
But I still hate you

Moving on is too much trouble
Two years in and comfortable
Are you really so naïve?

The little things you try to change
About me like I’m going to Kay
I’m not your happily.

You’re always out of cash,
Because we’re always on the town.
You wear the same three things.
Beats being some designer clown.

I can’t see what we’re about
Too close. So far. Can’t do without.
Can’t stay. Won’t leave.
I still want out.
I can’t see what we’re about.
Too close. So far can’t do without.
Won’t stay can’t we still work it out?

My friends don’t like you much.
Mine say you’re a lying whore.
Because they want my ass.
Your girls are knocking down my door.
Track Name: The Truth Of Everything
Undress. Kiss. Kiss again.
Did I miss a step? Are you ready yet?
Would you please stop saying that?
I don’t want to hear about your day. In fact,
I could use a rest from the daily wreck
that your life of late has manifest
Can we just lie down and disappear?

Awake. Dress. Drive the wreck.
One more day I waste for the weekly check.
Is this damn day over yet?
Cause I need a fix of flesh and sweat
From a different place. Near another face
Than the one next to that I awake.
I’ll just go out and disappear

For a while….

We make the same
Mistakes and play each other
hoping to find a release
From what we have
And who we aren’t and now I
Think we’re more than ready.

Your honor. I confess
To lying in Bridgette’s caress,
But in my defense
I’ve been shown some evidence
That clearly shows that Marcy chose
to be the first to drop her robes.
So why won’t guilt disappear?

Here we go again.
More time to kill as feigning friends.
Will she ever see the fact
That me and him are the perfect match.
Two bodies which when lined up fit
So perfectly it makes you sick.
Then he says good-bye and disappears.

For a while….

We make the same
Mistakes and play each other
hoping to find a release
From what we have
And who we aren’t and now I
Think we’re more than ready
To make the claim
for what’s at stake
is only half the cause of retreat
from what we always knew
The truth of everything….

Although I’ve been wronged and cheated.
What kills is the slander stated
Betrayed by deceitful federations
Track Name: Suburban Nights
Suburban lights and summer skies
Are all that we have ever shared.
But here tonight in your eyes
I’m more at home than in my bed.

Maybe it’s wrong.
Maybe we’re dumb.
Maybe tomorrow I’ll be gone….
But what does that ever matter to me?

Another day another frame
We keep repeating our mistakes.
Locked in a room where no talking ensues.
Nothing in common to speak of.

Maybe this won’t last.
Maybe for the best.
Maybe you’re the love of my old life.
But what does that ever matter to me?

I’m runnin’ through the dark of these blackened streets
The wind is ridin’ underneath my feet
The streetlight’s only gift is
Illumination of my fears
But all of this time what I’m looking for
Is a lovin’ smile behind a big red door
But all you ever give me
Is the sex to keep me here
Track Name: 12:20
I. Aftermath

Three years gone since the last song.
I think I’ve found my happy end.
I’ve seen the world and kissed all the girls
By the side of my best friend.
The melodies that I arranged to bring me here.
I must confess inspired by those complex years.

I moved out to Stump-town
to get away from what I did.
But the lie I said at good-bye
Has haunted me ever since.
I won’t deny that at the time I had no choice
But damn it’s good to finally hear your happy voice.

II. Bridgette

Another day in the valley where I used to be the queen.
Nowadays I’m lucky just to hear about the scene.
Is it so wrong that I married for a living?
Leaching off his salary while Charlie works at Wolfram and Hart.

I try to say it’s not so bad
But all this digging’s starting to hurt my back.
And now I start to think
I threw my youth away.

III. Phone Call

Hey Marcy I’m sorry if this comes as a shock.
My band’s in town for three nights
and I’m thinking could we talk.

I heard about it on the radio the other day.
I never thought I’d get tired of hearing songs about me

Well I don’t have control of airplay,
But you should know (I know)
Three years ago, I didn’t mean a word I said.

Yes you did, but that’s OK.
We’re better for it anyway.
Here’s a plan.
How ‘bout tomorrow you and me catch up on things?

IV. Car Crash

V. 12:20

So long.
Thanks for
The times.

So long.
Why did you
have to die?

VI. Finale

I stand across your funeral from the
Man who I’ve been told gave you the world I should’ve shown to you.

In silence I sit and say the things I meant to
Mention to your face. Marcy I never will replace your smile.

With darkness aiding our crimes,
Last night me and Tyler came to lie a tape of words I meant to say to you before you died.
Track Name: A Farewell Device
Why can’t we just stay in the moment when we were fine?
Cause now I see you’re forever out of reach and this is good-bye.

The nights we spent on the floor of our apartment that June
Will always be my favorite memory of those years with you.

The broken fans and the empty cans just seemed to make the room.

So as I sit and think about the times we kissed,
I’m on the outside looking in on the best lie of my life.

I know it’s far too late to make amends to you.
The pain I caused was more than I thought I could produce.

So come back and talk to me.
I swear a minute is all we’ll need.

Cause as I sit and think about the times we kissed,
I’m on the outside looking in on the best lie of my life.

So as I sit and think about our last kiss,
You made it outside so this is my farewell device.

I love you good-bye.